With the end of summer, the FCC has released the 2018 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband plan, which offers some pretty big changes to rural America.

The plan, now live on the FCC’s website, will allow for the creation of more rural broadband options, such as internet service offered over the old copper network that had been the backbone of most rural America for decades.

And it’s a big deal: The plan will allow more rural communities to get broadband that’s competitive with the incumbent providers, and that’s great news for those in rural areas that have been losing their Internet access to cable and satellite providers.

Here are five things you should know about the plan, the major changes it could bring to rural broadband in 2018, and how the FCC plans to implement it. 1.

More rural broadband providers are on the way.

The Federal Communications Commissions plan will provide more rural internet options than ever before, but that won’t happen overnight.

The FCC will have to wait until 2018 to create the new network options.

There’s still time to secure the spectrum for these new rural broadband networks, but it’s likely that the FCC will do just that, which means the first network providers to be established will likely be rural Internet providers.

The Feds will be able to take on some of the costs associated with building the new networks and will also be able more quickly begin construction on new networks.

But the FCC won’t have the capacity to provide new service in every rural community, and the new plans won’t bring a level of competition to rural Internet as much as they could in other areas.

That means that rural communities will continue to have to rely on cable and/or satellite providers for their broadband.

And the new FCC plans will likely force the ISPs to continue to charge rural communities higher prices, even though they’re able to offer competitive internet service to them at much lower prices.

This is one of the major reasons why the FCC is looking to expand rural internet service in 2018.


The new plan will likely have less than stellar service ratings.

While the new plan has some positive things to offer for rural communities, it’s still not great.

The latest version of the plan includes some nice changes to the FCCs existing net neutrality rules, which require that all internet service providers (ISPs) be treated equally and transparently.

But those rules were put in place to protect the privacy of internet users and to protect consumers from internet providers that are abusing their customers’ privacy rights.

The net neutrality rule also has some provisions to protect those who are being unfairly treated online, such that ISPs may only block websites they think are spamming, or they may only offer a small percentage of the bandwidth that they use for other sites.

These rules are important, and it’s important that the ISPs keep working to protect them, but the new proposal is likely to do little to prevent these abuses, and will likely cause more consumers to pay higher prices to access online content and services.

This will likely mean that the new broadband plans will have lower rating, because the FCC wants to maintain a strong net neutrality framework and is willing to protect it.

The fact that the net neutrality protections were put into place as a way to protect privacy is a good thing, and this is something that the Feds have done for many years.

But this new plan would also put ISPs on a level playing field with smaller and smaller ISPs that are not as transparent and have less stringent net neutrality policies.


Rural internet service is only going to get better.

The changes in the new rules will probably mean that rural broadband service will get better, but there will still be some things that rural internet providers will have trouble offering.

There are still rural ISPs that have only 1Gbps connections and are struggling to compete against the larger internet providers.

Rural ISPs that offer 4G LTE will also likely be facing challenges with LTE deployment.

And many rural ISPs will still have slow DSL connections that are being slow to upgrade.

The number of rural Internet service providers is still growing, and with the FCC trying to help them succeed, the Fcc plans to support them.

But there will also still be rural ISPs with few or no rural internet plans, and these rural ISPs might struggle to compete.

There will also always be some rural ISPs in rural communities that don’t offer much in the way of high speed Internet access, which is a concern that the Federal Communications Comissions plans to address.


There won’t be much competition.

The most important thing to remember about rural internet is that it’s not going away.

Rural broadband is an important part of the U.S. economy, and we should be encouraging rural communities like the ones that are receiving this plan to be able participate in the internet economy.

This new FCC plan is unlikely to bring new competition to the rural broadband market, but instead will allow incumbent ISPs to keep making money by offering cheaper services to rural communities

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