A number of factors have been blamed for the obsession.

One of the most recent is the rise in the number of internet users and how they interact online.

While people used to be able to share their photos and videos on social media, the internet has given people a platform to express themselves and make new connections.

The internet has also made it easier for people to share information, with social media giving users access to more information, said Matt Bowers, professor of social media at the University of Calgary.

The Wisper community, he said, is a place where people can come together and express themselves.

“The Wisper is a community that is connected, where people have a common interest and they can share ideas, and that can also give people something that they might not be able, say, get with a group of people.”

Bowers said Wisper people often talk about how they want to be known for their work, their knowledge and their community.

He said that’s because there’s an interest in being recognized.

“People want to have that reputation, and there’s a need to be seen as having that kind of reputation,” Bowers explained.

He added that people may have different expectations of how they should interact online and how to act.

“It’s an issue that you want to address, but also have some control over.”

Wisper was founded in 1998, and Bowers says it is the only online community for people who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

Bowers has been a Wisper member since 2007 and says it’s a safe space for Wisper members to come together.

He also believes the Wispor community has become more diverse as people have moved online.

“You’re no longer a straight white male,” Bower said.

“Now you’re looking at a broader group of different demographics, and we’re really lucky that our members are from diverse backgrounds.”

Wispor members often discuss their interests, but Bowers points out that Wispor isn’t just a social networking site.

Wispor has an online forum and other resources, such as a chat room.

He thinks it’s important for Wispor to keep its members engaged.

“I think it’s great that people are engaged and having fun, but it’s just as important to continue to educate ourselves and keep it all relevant, said Bowers.

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