AT&t Internet, which has been offering internet games for more than a decade, is shutting down the streaming service it has been running for several years.

The internet games company, which provides a number of streaming services, said it will shut down the service in its entirety, which means that those who use the service won’t be able to access it on any device other than their desktop computers.

Users who had access to the service will have their access revoked.

AT&s Internet announced the shutdown in a statement on Thursday, but it didn’t say what was behind the decision to shut down its streaming service.

AT &t also didn’t provide a reason for the shutdown, but did say that it had “unable to secure adequate infrastructure.”

The company said it was working with third parties to find a replacement service.

Earlier this month, AT&ts Internet also announced a new streaming service, ATN TV.

ATN has been a popular choice for the streaming of its TV content, but this week the company said that it would shut down because it was unable to secure enough infrastructure to keep the streaming app running.

ATnTV has been popular with fans and critics of AT&tt, and its service was seen as an attempt to compete with Netflix.

AT ntv had its own streaming service called ATn, which was also set to shut after it ran out of funding.

Netflix has been in the news recently, after it announced it was ending its service, after its streaming subscription fees ran out earlier this year.

ATs internet service also has been struggling financially.

The company reported a net loss of $15.5 million in the third quarter of this year, with $4.9 million of that loss coming from operating losses.

AT has been criticized for poor service and poor retention.

The service, which offers streaming video and music from hundreds of different music and movie artists, had been discontinued earlier this month amid a legal battle with AT&ton, a music streaming service owned by AT&TT.

AT TV is also a popular option for consumers to watch TV, and has also been a hit with critics.

The AT&TV service has been available since early 2013.

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