An oral history of the Cincinnati Bell is on its way to digital libraries across the world. 

“Sonics” author and filmmaker Joe Stankiewicz, who is also the director of the Cinco De Mayo Film Festival, will be traveling to various cities this spring to give the oral history. 

This will be the first time a documentary film has been made about the Sonias history, Stankiewski told Billboard. 

The documentary will be available online on March 5.

Stankiewskies team is in Cincinnati for two weeks at the Bell on April 7-9 to give an oral history tour. 

His team will then return to Cincinnati to meet with fans and local historians, and the documentary will air on May 6. 

There are a few things that are going to change for fans of the Sonios history, he said. 

First, they will be allowed to use the phone. 

Sonics fans will have the option to use their phones to text the team if they want to speak to a specific person, and they will also be able to call in with questions. 

Second, fans will be able see the original Sonics jerseys. 

Fans will also have access to a replica of the original “Cincinnati” logo, Stashow said. 

 “There are so many things that we want to show that we don’t want to spoil the history, and we want people to feel like they are part of it,” he said, adding that the documentary team will be making an effort to be respectful to fans of all ages. 

It will be broadcast on Cincomedia and a local television station, St. Petersburg, Florida. 

More information about the documentary and to purchase tickets can be found on the Sonis website at:

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