Venezuela is grappling with a cyber-attack that has shut down many of its internet companies, while authorities have blamed the US for the attack.

The country has been struggling to maintain internet services since President Nicolas Maduro took power last year and has been trying to restore the services to restore confidence in its economy and society.

The US, the world’s largest internet provider, says its network is secure and that it has not been affected by the attack, but the internet is shuttered in Venezuela, along with the entire country’s banking and social media systems.

Venezuela’s telecoms regulator says that most of the country’s internet is inaccessible, while the US-based internet service provider, Cigna, says that it is facing difficulties in connecting with customers in the country.

“There is no access to the internet in Venezuela.

It is impossible for us to access the internet,” said a Cigno spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman said the company was working on connecting with the public through social media, but it has been “extremely slow.”

“It has taken us a few days to get a reply, and I’m afraid we are not going to be able to get back to you at all,” she said.

The internet shutdown has put millions of Venezuelans at risk of being unable to access their most important online services.

The government has asked for help to restore access to internet services, but has not received any response from the US.

The Venezuelan government has blamed the attack on a hacking group called the “Guerrero” (Guardians of the Web), which has a history of cyber-attacks that have targeted government ministries, companies and other government institutions.

A Venezuelan government website and Facebook page have also been hacked.

The attack has also affected government websites, including those of the Venezuelan Information Minister, who said that “most of our government websites are inaccessible.”

The Ministry of the Interior, the countrys highest administrative authority, has said it is “working on restoring the internet” in a statement.

In a statement, the Ministry of Information said that, “the websites of government agencies and institutions have been restored to normalcy.

We are working on providing access to these websites and our website is also working in a normal fashion.”

The government said that it was working with private companies to provide internet connectivity to the country and “will continue to work to ensure a safe, reliable, and secure internet environment for the Venezuelan people.”

The attack comes just days after the government shut down Twitter and other social media sites and blocked access to WhatsApp, a messaging service used by Venezuelans to communicate.

Twitter and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook.

The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the social network was shutting down in the wake of the cyberattack.

“The internet is not secure in Venezuela and this is why we have shut down all social media platforms, including Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram,” Zuckerberg said on Twitter.

Zuckerberg said the companies had been hacked by a group called “Guerson,” which was responsible for the previous hack of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

“We are working with the authorities to find and identify the hackers who did this,” he said.

Facebook, Twitter, and other internet companies have been under increasing pressure from the Maduro government in recent months as Venezuelans have been in the midst of a devastating economic crisis.

In late December, the government said it would suspend some services for 30 days, and it has closed down internet cafes and other public spaces.

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