NBN Co is planning to roll out rural internet services across Australia, after a major trial with Telstra and Optus.

Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in the country, and the Coalition government is committed to building a national broadband network that delivers faster, more affordable broadband to every Australian.

The Coalition is currently in a joint-Government negotiations with the Howard government on a deal to build the network.

NBN Co CEO Ziggy Switkowski said the company was keen to work with Telcos to provide high-speed fibre-optic internet in rural and remote areas.

“Our first priority is to ensure that every rural person has access to the fastest, most cost-effective, broadband available,” Mr Switkovks said.

“This is our priority, but we also have a responsibility to provide a strong national network for everyone, not just a select few.”

Telstra will offer fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) broadband in rural areas and Telstra’s fibre to the node (FTN) network will be rolled out to areas that currently have copper-based telecommunications infrastructure.

Mr Switski said Telstra was also offering fibre-based broadband in urban areas, including those with high population density.

“The NBN will have FTN capability in those areas, which is the same as what we’ve got in the city and suburban areas,” he said.

In the past few years, NBN Co has rolled out fibre to homes and businesses, and is also offering high-capacity fibre to premises (HFC), which can deliver more than 500Mbps download speeds.

NBNCo will have more than 600,000 premises connected to the network by the end of the decade, Mr Switzk said.

He said the rollout of the network was expected to last a year and a half, with Telcom working closely with NBN Co to ensure it was delivering the best possible experience for customers.

NBN said it had received over 500,000 enquiries since the launch of its network last year, and would continue to receive many more.

Mr Slattery said the government was working closely and effectively with NBN to ensure the rollout was as efficient as possible.

“NBN Co has been providing an efficient and responsive service to customers, and will continue to do so,” he told reporters.

“We look forward to working with the government and NBN Co on a robust, cost-efficient and high-quality rollout of our national broadband networks.”

NBN Co will continue providing fibre to residential premises for up to three years, as well as HFC and fibre to commercial premises.

“Once we’ve built our FTTN network, the only way that we can get a fibre optic connection in that area is to buy that fibre,” Mr Slatter said.

Telcos and NBNCo are still working out how best to roll-out FTTN in rural Australia, Mr Slatton said.

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