A few years ago, a small company called Spectrum Internet only started offering internet service on its property in North Vancouver.

In 2013, Spectrum acquired a small business that had just started its own broadband service, and the company started offering fibre-to-the-home service to residential customers in a residential area.

Spectrum, which is owned by Telus, is now offering internet to residential and business customers, but it doesn’t yet offer fibre to the premises.

Spectrum started offering the service in January 2018 and is currently offering fibre to residential premises in B.C. and in B,C.S.W. It offers a service that includes a modem, router, and access point.

“We offer customers in our Vancouver office the choice of a high-speed service with fibre to their premises or a traditional fixed-line service,” Spectrum said in a statement to CBC News.

The company offers a plan with a monthly fee that includes the modem, fibre to your premises, a broadband modem, a router, a video connection, and a DSL modem.

The plan has a $5 monthly add-on that includes two free wireless internet hotspots and a free unlimited mobile data plan.

The service includes speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, but in Vancouver, it can be as fast as 10 megabits per second.

Spectrum said it plans to expand the service to other cities in B to offer better speeds for both residential and businesses.

The Internet is available in the residential area of Spectrum’s business, which also includes an office, warehouse, and restaurant.

Spectrum is also offering a mobile phone service, but is currently testing a version that requires a landline and wireless service.

Spectrum doesn’t offer the same service as the fibre to premises service that’s offered by Telis.

The operator of that service in B for residential and commercial customers is Telus.

In December 2018, Spectrum agreed to buy out Telus from its board of directors, which meant the company now has control over its network.

The agreement was announced in a joint statement with Telus on the company’s website.

“Spectrum will continue to operate as a separate, privately held company with the goal of delivering high-quality, affordable broadband services to residential, small business, and small-scale enterprises,” Spectrum wrote in the statement.

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