5G Home Internet will be available to the country from August 2018, the telecom company has announced, in a move that aims to help it move ahead with its ambitious plan to make its 3G home broadband network the best.

Jio’s home broadband plans aim to offer more than 500 megabytes per second (Mbps) of data transmission to the average Indian subscriber.

However, the 5GHz spectrum has a capacity of less than 10Mbps.

In its announcement, Jio said it will roll out 5G from August 10, 2018, with speeds of 500Mbps, 10Mbps and 1Mbps.

The service will be offered for free.

This will be the best service in the country, the company said.

5G can be accessed with the help of the 5GbE mobile broadband network, which has been launched by the Indian telecoms regulator Reliance Communications.

Reliance Jooi’s 5 G plan is aimed at providing 5G internet access to over one billion households in the next five years.

In 2018, Reliance said it plans to make the 5 G network the most-used technology in India, and to offer 4G home connectivity with a high capacity.

The 5G service is meant to be used by consumers who want the fastest speeds, which means less data consumption and also a smaller footprint.

Reliance, which is also India’s largest wireless operator, is also rolling out 4G mobile broadband in select markets.

It is the first telco to roll out 4 G broadband in India.

India is the only country where Jio has launched a 5G broadband service.

Its 4G network, known as 5G-HSPA+, was launched in 2016.

It has also launched 4G hotspot services in a few cities, and is expanding the service to cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

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