FCC Chair Ajit Pai wants to change the way the nation’s telecoms are wired and regulated.

In his first major speech as the top U.S. regulator, Pai outlined his vision for a more open Internet.

“What we are going to do is create an open Internet where every American has access to the internet in an equal and meaningful way,” Pai said in his first public comments since becoming chair of the Federal Communications Commission.

He also called for greater transparency and a shift in how the FCC rules the internet.

Pai says the FCC’s current approach is “overly partisan” and “out of step with reality.”

“In many ways, the current FCC’s approach to broadband is out of step and out of touch with reality,” Pai told the commission in his opening remarks.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to be truly transparent, accountable, and accountable.

And we need to do it.”

Pai also announced a proposal to create an Internet Troll Protection Act that will require broadband providers to monitor and remove “illegal content,” including child pornography, spam, hate speech and harassment, as well as “false and misleading” advertising.

The bill is intended to prevent companies like Comcast and Verizon from abusing their dominance in the broadband market to push their own political agendas, Pai said.

The FCC has previously blocked Comcast and Charter from entering the market.

Pai said the proposal is designed to prevent such abuse by ISPs.

“We have a duty to ensure that the public has a reasonable expectation of privacy when they go online, and we must ensure that our broadband providers are doing everything they can to prevent abusive behavior,” Pai wrote in his proposal.

“That means we need stronger, more effective protections for consumers.”

Pai is also proposing to make it harder for ISPs to collect users’ browsing data without a court order.

The commission has previously banned such practices in a number of instances.

“The FCC must not only continue to protect consumers’ online privacy, but it must also work to prevent ISPs from abusing the open Internet to harm and degrade consumers’ access to information, speech, and the Internet,” Pai continued.

The FCC will also consider expanding broadband to include more mobile devices and to expand the use of devices like drones and wearable technology, Pai added.

Perez said he has long been concerned about the erosion of privacy protections for Americans online, citing a case involving the former FBI director James Comey, who was fired over his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Pai is calling for a complete overhaul of the FCC, but he has made no indication that he plans to put any new regulations on the table.

A number of other things will be on the FCC agenda, including proposals to make the broadband deployment process simpler and faster, as Comcast and AT&T have sought to do.

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