On the day we reveal our winner, we’ve also asked the big questions.

So in this liveblog, we’ll answer your questions on broadband, pay TV, TV subscriptions and mobile phone plans.

Here’s our top picks: Who’s the best deal?

Who’s got the best deals?

What are the best prices?

What is the cheapest plan?

How much do you pay for broadband?

What can I expect?

Which provider offers the best value for money?

Where do I go if I can’t find a good deal?

How do I compare prices?

Which services are most likely to be good for me?

What about streaming?

Is there a deal out there?

What’s the biggest ISP in Australia?

Are there any good deals online?

Which are the most expensive?

How are the internet prices?

Is it worth it?

What do you get for the money?

Who is the most likely buyer of a package?

Are you going to be able to get the same deal again?

What to do if you can’t get the best price?

Is streaming really worth it for the cheapest price?

Does TV bundle deal really mean I should cancel?

Is internet service worth it in general?

Can you stream online?

Do I need a TV subscription to get decent TV?

How can I get more broadband?

How many internet plans do I need?

Can I cancel my TV subscription?

What happens if I lose my internet?

Is TV bundle really worth the money I paid?

How far can I go on my broadband?

Will I pay more for the same service?

Will my mobile phone plan be better?

Does the internet plan work?

Can my TV bundle plan work for me or do I have to pay for more?

How long can I keep my internet and TV bundle?

Do you need a new TV service if I am over 18?

Is my mobile plan worth the price I paid for it?

Do internet and mobile packages work for you?

Will they work for my children?

Do kids benefit from being able to watch TV online?

What should I do if I have a cable subscription?

Are internet and phone packages really worth their money?

Is broadband really the best way to get internet?

Can the TV package be good value?

Do people have to cancel their TV package?

Will it be worth it if you want to get your kids online?

How to buy a TV package for under $30 How to cancel a TV bundle package for $35 How to watch online without having to pay more How to find the cheapest TV plan online How to see which internet service you can get for free How to get a cheaper internet plan How to search for a good broadband deal online How much does it cost to watch an online TV programme?

How often do people cancel their internet and cable packages?

Can a TV service be bad value for the price you paid?

Are mobile phone and internet packages really the cheapest?

Are Netflix, Amazon and Google good value for your money?

Can TV bundles really help me?

Do the internet and internet package deals work for children?

Can broadband really work out cheaper than TV?

Can it work out at a discount?

Do they really work for everyone or just for the rich?

Do we need to have a TV licence to get TV?

Do TV packages really help kids?

What you need to know about the ABC’s Broadband Plan: A guide to the latest NBN news.

Are there really good broadband deals out there for the average household?

Can people pay for TV through the NBN?

What else is available?

What services are available?

How expensive is broadband?

Is mobile internet really worth buying?

Do broadband packages really work?

Do prices change depending on which plan you are on?

Do my TV and internet plans work for other people?

What I pay for Netflix, TV and Internet?

What TV bundle deals can you find?

Do there really work as advertised?

How did NBN Co. decide who gets to get an NBN contract?

What happened to NBN Co?’s plans to upgrade its network?

Who can buy a new mobile phone?

Is the NBN a good investment?

How will NBN Co.’s broadband rollout be different to the other major national broadband networks?

What other issues are being considered for NBN Co.?

How does NBN Co deal with complaints about its network performance?

How big a deal is it that NBN Co’s NBN Co Networks are owned by Telstra?

What will happen to NBN co. if Telstra moves into the NBN Co Network?

What does it mean if I don’t like NBN Co?

Is NBN Co a good thing for Australian households?

Is Telstra the only company to offer a mobile broadband service?

Is Netflix a good value if you live in Australia and don’t want to pay extra for Netflix?

How fast is the NBN rollout?

What costs is NBN Co paying to build NBN Co network?

Is Australia really on the brink of a broadband revolution?

Can NBN Co get it right?

Is your phone or TV subscription really worth what you paid

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