By now you know about how Google+ lets you share pictures and video on Instagram, but did you know that the platform is also letting you share images and videos from your computer?

Now that’s a big deal!

Google+ allows you to upload photos and videos to your account and share them with the world.

To do this, you have to go to the Google+ photo app and open a photo from your phone or tablet.

Click the Share button, select the picture, and then click the + button to send it to Google+.

Here’s how it works: Google+ uploads your photos and video to the service by first uploading them to your computer, then transferring them to Google Photos.

The uploads are then displayed to the public on the Google Photos gallery.

Then you have a couple of options: You can choose to save your uploads to your phone’s camera roll.

This is an option that gives you access to your uploaded photos and your video files and allows you direct access to them when you open your Google Photos account.

You can also share them directly to other Google+ accounts, which lets you use your photos as a link for others to see your uploaded videos.

Finally, you can upload them directly from your desktop computer to your Google+ account, or you can share them over an encrypted connection to Google Drive.

In the case of Google+ uploading, you get access to the uploaded photos, the video, and your comments.

When you’re finished uploading your photos, you’ll see the results on the gallery.

There’s an option to download the images.

This option is for the more casual users and will only work for photos and media uploaded to your computers.

To share to a new account, click on your photos.

From the Photos menu, click Share and then choose your photo.

This will send the uploaded file to Google’s servers, where it will be processed by Google Photos before being uploaded to Google+.

If you’re not using Google+, the uploaded files will automatically be deleted when you close your account.

If your upload is not visible on the page, you need to click on the link in your message and click on “Restore to original location” to restore it.

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