AT&t is announcing a new plan to keep customers happy for years to come.

The new service, dubbed CenturyLink+, is available at $30/month for the home or $40/month in a mobile package.

It includes internet access and voice calls at speeds of 1 gigabit per second, but also lets you stream movies and TV shows.

AT&ts chief executive Randall Stephenson says it’ll be the cheapest and best-value plan on the market, and that the company is investing in its customer service.

Stephenson says CenturyLink+ will be available to customers in the United States and Canada in the fall.

“With our network being the envy of the world, we’re committed to ensuring our customers can enjoy the best quality of life, for years, for decades to come,” Stephenson said in a statement.

“We’re building a stronger network, which we believe will lead to stronger business and better returns.”

Stephenson says the service will be offered for a discounted price to people who subscribe to a pay TV service, or for those who want to get online on their phone or tablet for less than $20 per month.

“People should be able to use their own devices and services in their homes and not be tied down by cable or satellite,” he said.

Stephenson also says Centurylink+ will let AT&Ts customers switch to a lower-priced wireless internet service if they want.

This is AT&s second attempt at a wireless internet plan.

The company introduced a wireless service called InternetSpeed for $20.50/month last fall.

That service was discontinued a year ago.

Stephenson has previously said that AT& ts wireless internet offerings will be better than its own wireless internet plans.

The AT& services will cost more than $50 a month.

AT &t is one of the biggest cable providers in the country.

AT&t will roll out the new service in the coming weeks, and Stephenson says customers can expect to see it available in most major cities by the end of the year.

AT users can sign up for the service by visiting AT&

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