Internet addiction is a common condition, with more than two-thirds of people reporting they’ve experienced it in the past year.

But it’s even more prevalent among teenagers, and is one of the main reasons why online bullying can negatively impact their lives.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled seven tips to help you become a better Internet addict.


Find a new way to consume online.

One of the biggest barriers to quitting is finding a new online outlet.

Many people use the internet to connect with friends, connect with strangers, or connect with colleagues and friends.

This can create an addictive cycle, where the internet becomes a constant reminder to the user of their own addiction.

But with the right tools, you can find a new, healthier way to use the Internet.

Here are seven steps you can take to get yourself started.


Stop worrying about what to say when you get online.

If you’ve been struggling with Internet addiction for some time, you’re not alone.

For many people, the internet is a source of stress, anxiety, and depression, and it can also lead to online harassment.

So don’t let it deter you from starting a conversation with a friend or colleague, or even just sharing a few words online.

Just be mindful of what you say, and try to keep it short and simple.


Learn how to use social media to support your friends.

Online conversations have become a huge source of communication for many, and finding ways to keep your friends up-to-date on your life is key.

Many of us use Facebook and Twitter to share our experiences, but it’s also great to find a group of like-minded friends to share your online struggles.

For example, if you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or hopeless after an unsuccessful day at work, you may want to set up a support group.


Take control of your online behavior.

A lot of people use social networking sites to check in with friends and colleagues, and if you’re struggling with addiction, the chance that someone will share their experiences online is often slim.

However, it’s important to take control of what is being shared, and when.

If a friend of yours is having trouble connecting with their family or friends, it might be worth sharing this with them in hopes that they will make progress.

If they’re struggling to get through a particular task on their social media site, it may be worth asking them to join you in a group chat or group video.

In the end, finding a way to keep yourself connected and productive online can help your addiction, and can help you find a more productive way to deal with it. 5.

Take action online.

There’s no denying that online bullying and harassment is a serious issue.

But if you can’t seem to break free of the addiction, there are many things you can do to take a stand against it.

Take the time to post online support and safety tips to your friends and family, as well as encourage them to report online harassment to the authorities.

If your friends are experiencing any of these issues, it can be a good idea to get in touch and get help.


Avoid the temptation to search online for positive experiences.

As we discussed earlier, online addiction is common among teenagers and young adults, but there’s a lot of positive and even inspiring online content out there.

While we know that bullying can make people feel depressed and anxious, there’s no reason to spend your time searching for positive online experiences.

Instead, start by taking a moment to consider the positive benefits that online gaming and social media are having on you, and make sure to share it with your friends, family, and co-workers.


Get help if you’ve experienced Internet addiction.

If Internet addiction has negatively impacted your life, the first step is to get help, whether that’s a counselor, therapist, or addiction specialist.

You may be experiencing an addiction to the internet, but you also need help if there’s anything you can help yourself with that could help you quit.

If there are no options available to you right now, it could be worth getting in touch with a mental health professional for help.

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