Google Play movies and TV shows can be streamed to your smartphone and tablet using your Chromecast, an inexpensive set-top box that has become the go-to entertainment device for many.

But to stream them from the Chromecast to your TV, you’ll need a TV tuner, which can be hard to find.

That’s where an assist app comes in.

The Google Play TV app is a great tool to help you watch your Google Cast-enabled shows and films on your TV.

But if you want to watch them on your phone, you might want to consider a third-party streaming service, like Plex.

Plex is an excellent alternative for Plex users that allows you to access your Google TV content in your Plex Media Server, or Plex Media Player, without the need for a Chromecast or Roku box.

Here are the best Plex apps to stream your GoogleCast-enabled content on your Android TV.

Plex for Android Plex is a simple Plex app that will show you all the Google Cast content available on your device, along with other features like movie streaming and a music player.

You can also control the playback, pause, and end of playback using a simple set-up, including changing the quality of the stream and the playback speed.

If you’re not already using Plex on your smartphone or tablet, you can install Plex on the Google Play Store.

If your Android device already has a Plex app installed, you should also check out Plex for Mac.

Plex on Android Plex for Apple iOS Plex is similar to Plex on Apple iOS, but for Android devices.

Plex will have all the same features and functions, but you can also install it on your computer instead.

Plex also comes with a Plex Media Client that is available on the Mac and can be used to control the Plex app.

Plex Media Connect Plex Media Manager Plex for Windows Plex for OS X Plex for Linux The Plex app on Android is compatible with all versions of Android from 4.0 and up, and the app works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Plex works best on Android devices running a version of Android running on at least 4.4.2 and up.

Plex does not require any additional software to run, and it will automatically install and configure itself on your machine.

You’ll be able to control your Plex content through the Plex Media Center, which is an app that looks like an app drawer with a full-screen Plex tab that allows for the navigation of your content.

Plex’s interface is very similar to that of the official Plex app, which has an elegant look and feel.

The main navigation menu is very simple and doesn’t take up much space.

You will find a number of options in the top navigation bar that will allow you to play, pause and resume your current episode or show, and select a custom playlist.

You also have a number, which are grouped by episode or by genre, to make it easy to search through your library.

Plex can be accessed from the Android app by going to Settings > Media and Content.

You have access to all the basic Plex features and will also find a Plex TV guide on the Plex Home page that will help you learn about your favorite content.

There are a number Plex apps available for Windows, which includes Plex for Desktop, Plex for Mobile, Plex Media Cloud, and Plex Media Home.

Plex Mobile Plex for iPhone Plex for iPad Plex for Google Play Android Plex Mobile is a Chrome-based app that runs on Android smartphones running Android 4.1 and up and is compatible to any version of Chrome.

Plex offers a number more advanced features that are not available in the official app.

The most obvious one is that it can stream to Chromecast.

It can also stream to any HDMI-connected TV or projector that supports Chromecast; the Plex TV app supports this, too.

Plex requires that you have a Chromecast account.

If that’s not an issue for you, Plex is available for Android phones running Chrome 4.3 and up through Chrome for Android 5.0.

The Plex Mobile app will let you use Plex to control Plex on iOS devices.

You should also use Plex for iOS to stream content to Plex TV on the TV.

You won’t find a Chromacast version of Plex Mobile available for the iPad or Google Play for Android.

Plex Home Plex Home is a Chromium-based Plex app for Mac, Windows, and Android that runs under the Plex umbrella.

Plex provides the same great features and functionality as the official website for Plex on Google Play.

Plex has been a popular streaming service for more than five years and offers access to hundreds of millions of movies, TV shows, and games.

Plex TV Plex TV is an Android app for Roku that runs with the official Chromecast app.

This app has a similar look to the official TV app, with a few new features.

The first is that Plex TV will play all the Plex content

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