The internet is out for AT&t, Verizon and Comcast, according to the FCC’s latest data.

All three of the companies say their networks are down, but the companies have yet to release numbers for how long they are offline.

The FCC’s data shows Verizon’s network is down for over an hour, while AT&ts and Comcast’s networks are off for a little over an hours.

It also shows AT&tt and Comcasts networks are offline for less than an hour.

While these companies say they have been out for a while, the FCC says these data are preliminary and there are likely to be further disruptions.

AT& t said its networks are back online and that it is working to restore connectivity.

Comcast said it is still working to provide internet to its customers, but is working with AT&tw to restore service as soon as possible.

Sprint said it has no plans to be offline for the next few days.

Both AT&s and Comcast said their networks were not down for a large part of the day.

Verizon said it was offline for most of the afternoon, but restored service later in the afternoon.

Comcasts network was off for most part of today.

The Federal Communications Commission said it had received about 100 reports of outages today, but did not provide a timeline for when these outages might be resolved.

It is also not clear when the FCC expects to hear from AT&tm and Comcast regarding their network outages. 

AT&t and Verizon announced that they will start offering free data on Friday to anyone who uses a mobile hotspot to access the internet.

The company also said it will be offering free text messages for $10 a month on Thursday.

AT &t said it would be providing a free wireless data plan for customers who have been without data for a month or more. 

AT& te plans to extend its 3G/4G LTE coverage to more than 3 million of its customers.

The carrier said it expects to reach a total of 5.5 million subscribers, or 1.3 million customers in the US, by the end of the year.

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