In its first report since the NBN was first launched, Telstra has said its broadband speeds are “very close” to 100 megabits per second.

It’s an improvement from the company’s previous estimate, of only 50Mbps, which it had previously cited as “fairly optimistic”.

The ISP’s report also showed that its fibre network is more than 100 per cent operational.

“As of today, Telstar has more than 3.5 million premises on its fibre and the network is well over 100 per-cent operational,” Telstra said.

“These figures are still far below the NBN’s expected peak speed of 100 megabit per second.”

In its report Telstra also said that its network has achieved a 100 per day average speed of 99.6 megabit per second, which is a number “well above the average of around 50Mbps”.

Telstra’s NBN rollout is currently being implemented by NBN Co. and its partner Optus.

Telstra is expected to begin deploying its new fibre network in April.

However, the company has already had to scale back some of its fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) rollout due to the challenges it faced with getting the NBN approved.

It has also been criticised for some of the services that are now available, including video streaming, online banking and gaming services.

In its latest report, Telster said that it was currently seeing its network “tens of thousands of premises connected to the network”, which is more or less equal to the number of premises that were already connected to Telstra.

“At the moment we are seeing over 1,000 premises on our fibre network which is well above the expected peak rate of 100Mbps,” Telster’s chief operating officer Mark McPhee said.

Mr McPee said the company was “continuing to build our fibre to the premises network”.

“We are seeing that over 1 million premises have been connected to our fibre-coaxial network which has seen a peak rate over 150Mbps,” he said.

NBN Co chief executive Ziggy Switkowski told a conference call with investors on Thursday that Telstra had been “on track” with its rollout.

He said the network had been fully operational and “all of the infrastructure has been built”.

Mr Switowski also said the telco had “moved ahead in terms of its work in terms [of] ramping up fibre-optic network”.

He said that in the last 24 hours the company had completed the installation of its “third phase” of the network, which had included “100,000 feet of copper to the existing fibre network, and 100,000 miles of fibre-cable”.

“It has taken us over five years and we have got to this point now, and we are going to continue to work on this,” Mr Swatkowski said.

The company has also released the “world’s fastest” NBN speed test, which compares Telstra to the average speeds achieved by other providers.

It said that while it had achieved “world-class” speeds, “the speed test is a very one-sided measurement” because “the fibre is running and it is connected to an NBN copper network”.

The company also noted that it had made “significant progress” on its copper network.

The telco also said its network had reached “the highest speed for any single node in Australia”, which was “well over 1.2 million kilometres”.

NBN Co has been under fire from critics for its rollout delays and delays to the rollout of the NBN itself.

NBN co is due to launch its second phase of the fibre network later this year.

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