This week, the starlinks app was released to the public.

Its goal: to help users share links on social media with friends and family.

The app, which lets you search for friends and send them a message, has been downloaded by 1.7 million people.

It is still in beta, but starlisks is available in a few countries and is now supported in more than 200 countries.

The app has two major advantages over other social media apps: First, it doesn’t need your permission to share links.

Second, it’s not locked to a specific device, unlike other social network apps.

Starlinks was designed to work across different devices and devices types.

So it can be used with any device that can connect to the internet, including Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

Stylistic and user interface changes The starlisk app is designed to look and feel like a traditional social network app, like Facebook or Twitter.

The interface is simple, clean and simple.

Stylistic changes to the stylistic interface make it more approachable to non-users.

The main menu is filled with tabs that let you choose from different categories, including categories for friends.

The icons in the bottom left corner of the menu are filled with different icons that can be clicked on to add a new category.

The icon for each category shows up in the upper right corner of its respective tab.

You can add a group of friends and tag them by name or gender, and add them to a list.

The tab you selected earlier can be closed to reveal more tabs.

This makes it easier to navigate through a group, even if you are not in it.

You have the option of deleting a category if you want to delete it.

Stickers on friends The app includes a new tab for stickers.

Users can add stickers on friends to show them who they are and what they’re interested in.

In addition, users can add icons to their friends’ profile pictures to make them more visible.

The new tab allows users to easily mark their friends and groups as favorites.

Users can also customize the icon for stickers that appears on the top right corner, and they can also change the icon of the icons in different groups.

The top bar of the stickr icon will turn red if the app is open, so that users can easily see that the icon is being used for sharing or sending links.

It will also show a warning if users try to send the app to a group that doesn’t have a sticker.

The same icon can be set to green if the users are in a group with a sticker, red if they are in an offline group, or yellow if they have a shared sticker.

Users also can set stickers as the background color of their profile picture.

Users are also able to set a sticker’s size and color.

Sticker size can be changed from a standard icon to an icon of your choice, or a customized icon.

User interface changes in starlikstools A lot of changes are being made to the app’s UI, including an improved user interface, more tabs and a new icon to indicate that users have added a new sticker to their group.

This new interface is more user friendly and easy to use, but it does not remove the icon on the icon bar.

The button to open the app appears on top right of the app.

This button is now in the center of the screen and has been replaced by a notification button.

It’s also now a little easier to access.

If you tap on the app icon in the status bar, you can also view more tabs on the status screen.

These tabs are now organized into categories.

There are two tabs that are available on each tab, which you can expand with your finger.

There is a button that opens a new window with a tab icon next to it.

When you click on the tab icon, it opens up a window with all tabs in the tab’s list view.

The tabs you can open are labeled with a color that can easily be customized to your liking.

The three tabs that users choose can also be expanded by clicking on the tabs in their list view, and each tab will also have a new option to expand it.

In addition to the tabs, there is a “Pin this” tab that you can click to share an image from the app with a friend.

This option is in the left of the main icon of each tab.

Users will also be able to send messages to other users, so the user interface looks a little different.

There’s a new way to add stickers to friends, as well.

The application lets users send stickers directly to the people in their group and to friends they’ve added to a friend group.

Stellars can be sent by clicking a button on the right side of the status window, or by clicking the icon in their notification area.

Users must be connected

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