The Tennessee state legislature has passed a bill that would give consumers the option of getting internet at no cost by providing them with a home internet service.

The bill, introduced by Republican state Sen. Scott Ritchie, is the latest step in the fight to help Tennessee’s growing internet penetration.

Ritchie’s legislation is a part of the House and Senate versions of the bill that are awaiting consideration in the Senate.

The measure would allow consumers to opt out of a state’s internet service or switch providers and provide a monthly subsidy for the cost of an internet service plan.

The state is the fourth in the nation to pass a home broadband bill in the wake of a nationwide rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

The legislation is expected to pass both chambers of the Tennessee legislature this year.

The bills is aimed at making it easier for consumers to buy internet service, particularly for the first time.

The Tennessee House also passed a similar bill in January.

The House version would allow Tennessee consumers to have their internet service paid for by the state.

The new bill will go to the Senate for consideration.

The Senate version would let consumers pay for their internet using a tax credit or a tax-free credit.

Consumers would have to pay $3 a month for a home service plan or $6 a month with a fixed internet service provider.

A bill in 2017 allowed people in Tennessee to pay for internet services through the state’s unemployment insurance program.

The internet bill has received a lot of support from broadband advocates and advocates of the state as a place to go to find out more about broadband.

In addition to the Tennessee bill, the House has passed legislation to expand a federal program that provides grants to states to offer internet access to low-income households.

The money from the $3 billion program is available for states to expand internet access through grants, and the House is considering a bill to expand the program.

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