Verizon says internet service for more than 1.2 billion customers is down for the 24 hours after the nation’s largest telecommunications company went down for about two hours Tuesday, causing a disruption that has impacted millions of homes across the U.S. and Canada.

The outage began at about 9 p.m.

PT (3 p.M.

ET) on Tuesday, according to Verizon, which is responsible for more customers than any other U.A.E. company.

Verizon says some customers were unable to connect to the internet or were unable for at least a few minutes to use a few of its products, including mobile apps.

Verizon also says it has temporarily halted work on its mobile phone network and is asking people to use alternative means of communications, including voice and video chat, to connect.

Verizon also says people who need to connect can call 1-800-543-2345.

Verified by Ars Technica’s own testing, Verizon’s outage was caused by an intermittent fault that could have caused the company to lose connectivity to certain customers.

But Verizon says that it will resume normal service Thursday.

Verification by Ars was unable to verify the outage was connected to a particular customer, though the company said it’s working with the affected customers to verify their account.

Verify by Ars confirmed that a number of Verizon’s customers who have been unable to access the internet for at most a few hours were unable access the company’s mobile app, and that Verizon is offering free mobile phone calls.

Verifier by Ars also confirmed that some of the people who were disconnected from the internet were able to connect, but that this wasn’t a single customer, but rather a group of people.

Verider said that the problem arose when it lost power to a substation, which supplies the internet to homes.

When Verizon restored power to the substation the network continued to be unavailable.

Verity has been experiencing internet service outages for more like four hours or so, with about 300,000 customers impacted.

Verifying by Ars did not receive an email from Verizon or a call from Verizon regarding the outage.

Verizons outage comes at a time of uncertainty for the U, which has been reeling from a recession that is dragging down consumer spending and jobs, especially in the services industry.

The U.K. government has imposed a ban on internet service, which will continue to apply in the U., though there is no set timeline for the end of the ban.

In the U.

“We do not anticipate the impact of the outage to affect customer service in any way, or any disruption to customer services in any manner, in any of our retail, service or IT businesses,” Verizon said in a statement to Ars.

Verifiers outage is also a major blow to the tech sector, which employs millions of people in both the U and Canada and employs tens of thousands of people at its two major facilities.

Verizon said it is providing support to all affected customers, including in the affected region.

Veriabare, the parent company of Verizon Wireless, which owns both its home internet service and mobile phone networks, said in the statement that it is working to restore service as quickly as possible, and it is offering customers free phone calls to talk to a customer service representative.

Verision also said that it’s offering free internet for customers who need it, and is working with other companies in the telecommunications industry to help resolve the problem.

Verizon said it plans to continue offering the internet and video calls until the company can restore internet connectivity to its customer service centers.

Verisys outage came after Verizon lost about half a million customers in a blackout in March, when its network failed during a storm.

Verizon has been on the defensive since then, trying to explain the failure to the public.

Veritrons outage is the third major outage in a row that Verizon has experienced.

The company suffered another outage in March when its system went down in New Jersey after an earthquake.

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