NBN Co has unveiled a new fibre optic broadband plan for those wanting to get a connection from their existing home internet connection, with the cheapest plan costing $99.

The NBN Co website claims that its new ‘Fiber-to-the-Home’ plan will save you up to $250 a year in phone bills.

The plan comes with the option of a free hotspot, but customers will need to pay $20 for a monthly internet access fee, and can only use their home connection.

“If you are using a mobile phone, it is not possible to get internet,” NBN Co said in a statement.

“However, you can access the internet via your mobile and tablet devices through our fibre-to the home network.”

It’s not clear if the hotspot option will also work on other mobile phones, but the company said that users would be able to download content from their mobile phone “through our new mobile hotspot”.

Users can also pay a monthly fee of $20 per month to access their home internet, with no monthly charges for use of the hotspots.

NBN Co also said that customers can download content on their devices for free, as long as they are connected to a network.

NBNco has been promoting the fibre-optic internet plan, and said that its internet speed is up to five times faster than the copper networks in most areas.

NBN’s broadband service is also said to be cheaper than that of Telstra.

The company’s fibre optic network is not included in its advertised price.

NBN said that “the NBN’s Fibre-to of the Future network is 100 per cent fibre optic”, and that “a fibre optic line is 10 times faster and will deliver the fastest internet speeds”.

The new NBN plan includes a price for the NBN Co’s home internet service, which is $70 per month.

NBN is also promoting the NBN’s fibre-centric phone plan, which includes a monthly plan of $30.

It is not clear whether this will include phone services, but it does not appear that the company will be charging extra for those calling from home, as other companies do.

“With the NBN, we will offer customers a full range of phone plans including voice, text and data, as well as home, business and business to home,” NBN said in its statement.

NBN has also said it will be rolling out fibre-based mobile services, which include a free internet speed for customers who are using their mobile device.

NBN spokesperson Dan Mitchell said that NBN Co would be “working hard to provide a more affordable and reliable network, and this will happen through the NBN and the other products we have on the NBN.”

The NBN says that the new NBN broadband plan will be rolled out “as soon as we can”, and will be available to customers “within the next few weeks”.

The statement from NBN Co says that “no single price will apply”, and the new plan will cost “between $50 and $100 per month”.

NBN Co is currently offering a plan that will cost $99 per month, or $99 for one year.

NBN says it will also offer “up to three mobile hotspots”, but no details about what this might look like.

“We want to make sure the NBN is affordable and affordable is always a priority for NBN Co,” NBN co chief executive Bill Morrow said in the statement.

Customers can also “choose from our mobile hotsprings” and “we are currently working with the mobile operator to provide them with free services for NBN customers”.

NBN says the new broadband plan is a “comprehensive plan”, but that “it does not include any plans or services which will only be available via a fibre optic connection”.

NBN said it is committed to “broadband deployment and the NBN” and that it has “all the resources” to deliver the service.

“The NBN’s vision is to deliver a national fibre network which is able to meet the needs of our Nation, and to provide an excellent broadband service to the people of Australia,” NBN spokesman Dan Mitchell added.

NBN plans to introduce its first fibre optic phone service for the “near future” NBN Co spokesperson Dan Mitch said that the NBN has been working with mobile operators to “provide the best services” for NBN users, and that the “NBN will roll out its first services in 2018”.

The telco is “actively engaged with mobile providers to work towards delivering fibre-connected services for consumers in the near future”.

NBN is expected to launch a “home broadband plan” for its fibre-focused mobile customers in the “coming months”, but is yet to say when.

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