On a cool autumn evening in a small apartment building in East Jerusalem, a young man named Yair is sitting on the floor of his apartment building, reading the newspaper.

Yair’s apartment is near the Green Line.

In his apartment, he keeps his cell phone in a pocket on his shirt and listens to the news, which is published on a laptop.

When the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, Yair opens the fridge, opens the freezer, opens his refrigerator door, opens it again and shuts it.

The fridge door doesn’t open and closes.

The window is closed, too.

Yais is used to living in an apartment building that is so small that he can’t see out the window.

But this year, Yais said, he feels like his home is in danger.

“The buildings are so small.

If I go outside, I have to wear a mask,” he said.

Yairos and his wife, Simeon, who have lived in the same apartment building for five years, said that their apartment building was one of the few places in Jerusalem where the heat was even higher than normal.

Simeons family has lived in a similar building since 2014, and the couple said that they have had to use masks to protect their faces and bodies from the heat.

“It was so hot, the air conditioning didn’t work,” Yaios said.

Simeson said that the building was so large that she would sleep on the sofa, because it was too small for her to sit on.

Yoiros said that he had to stay in his apartment to save the building.

“In the winter, I would just sleep in the back,” he explained.

“We couldn’t go outside.

The air conditioning was broken and the heating was bad.

There was no electricity in the building.”

He said that in the summer, the building became so hot that they had to take shelter in the basement and take turns using a hot plate in the kitchen.

When they went outside, they would put on their masks to prevent overheating and the heat from going to the living rooms and bedrooms.

Yiros said he was not sure whether the heat would be as bad in the future, but he did not want to let the heat affect his family.

“This is not my problem,” Yiossos said, “but the heat in the city.”

Yair’s mother, Sela, said she did not have enough money to buy her daughter a mask for the summer.

“I was afraid the mask would be ripped off by the Israeli police,” she said.

“But I did not know what to do.” 

“When I went out to eat, I used to keep my head down.

It is difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning because I can’t breathe.”

Sela said that when she went to the supermarket, she would always go out and buy a piece of bread that was in the plastic bags on the shelves.

“Even though I don’t have the money, I bought it,” she told The Jerusalem Report.

“I don’t know if I will be able to buy a mask because I have no money to pay for it,” Yair said.

He said he hoped that his mother would not have to make the same decision for her son.

“When I go out to buy something, I always put on my mask, and I try to get it,” he told The Report.

“Because I have this mask, I can stay calm and do not think too much.

If it was possible to make my son wear a different mask, that would be fine.

If my son had a mask, he could do that.”

Yair and Sela’s son have two other daughters, and they have been trying to get them a mask that would cover their faces from the outside.

“There are a lot of masks that cover their face, but there is no way to get the same protection,” Sela explained. 

“It’s difficult for us to buy one, because I don`t have the funds to buy the mask.

I hope that my mother will not have any problems.”

“The city is not comfortable,” Yielas said.

Sela said she was not happy about the fact that she and Yair have to live with the heat when they live in an unfamiliar building.

She said that she had to wear an electric blanket for the first two weeks, because she cannot stand the heat while sleeping.

“What if I fall asleep in the cold and it’s only 20 degrees Celsius?

It is impossible to sleep,” Saila said. 

 “The only time I was able to go outside was when the heat reached 40 degrees Celsius,” Yias said.

The two said that this year they have not been able to see outside because of the heat, and that they are concerned that they will have to leave their apartment to stay warm.

“Maybe we should move out and find

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