There is a gap in the internet for people with physical disabilities, who have difficulty accessing the internet or other telecommunications services, or for people who have a physical impairment.

For the most part, people with disabilities can’t use their mobile phones or computers without a special device, such as a mobile-phone adapter, a wireless keyboard or a headset, which helps to keep their eyes, ears and hands free.

The accessibility community also recommends using a dedicated mobile phone, and a wireless headset to help connect to the internet.

People with physical impairments can still connect to other users on the internet, and some companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook, have created a mobile app for people to connect.

The Accessibility Canada website is the most comprehensive guide to getting the internet on a person with physical disability, but it only covers internet access for those who have an assistive technology (ADT) device that can support it.

That means a headset that can help people with special needs connect to internet services, such a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The government is looking at whether or not people with a disability can connect to social media in Canada without a device, but that’s not yet in the works.

Accessibility Minister James Moore said the federal government is working on the issue, and has launched an inquiry into how Canadians can use social media safely.

“We are exploring how we can get this right and ensure that all Canadians are connected in a safe, inclusive, and secure manner,” he said.

In a statement, Accessibility Services Canada said it has received requests for information about how to ensure accessibility, and will provide any necessary assistance.

“This will be a key part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility across Canada,” it said.

With files from The Canadian Press.

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