It’s a time machine that’s capable of taking you anywhere you want to go.

If you’re a geek who loves time travel, the internet time machines are probably your thing.

But if you’re just a regular person, you can use one to get home, or find yourself a great movie night or movie night and just chill out.

You can also use them to travel the world, or visit a city.

But there’s also a time capsule that could help you solve some of your biggest life questions.

In this episode, we explore what is internet Time Machine, and how it’s different from a time travel device like a time cube.

What is it?

Internet Time Machine is a small, circular device that measures about 1.5 inches in diameter and weighs around 1.2 pounds.

It’s designed to help time travelers answer some of the most pressing questions of the 21st century, including: When did I get to be born?

What’s the most popular city on Earth?

What is the best time to travel?

Where was I born?

Can I travel back in time?

What does it take to travel to the moon?

What time zone is my home?

How long will it take for me to get there?

What was the last time I saw my mom?

Who was my favorite person to visit?

What would you do if you could travel to any location on earth and stay there?

And for those of you wondering what the best way to get a cup of coffee is, this is the answer: _____ How does it work?

When you buy an internet time capsule, you’re given one.

This time capsule has a magnetic disc with the coordinates of the internet portal you’ll be going to, along with a QR code that you scan to get the correct answer.

You then get a key that allows you to open it.

Once inside, you’ll find a big, flat, white plastic container that has a button on top.

Once you press the button, you get a QR Code that can help you answer some basic questions like: Where did I come from?

Where did my parents come from and what do they look like?

What do they do?

How old am I?

What year was the internet?

How many years did I have to live?

When did my family move to the US?

Where is my current place of residence?

When was the first time I visited my parents?

What kind of car do I have?

How did I become an adult?

What did I go through at my parents’ wedding?

How was the birth of my baby?

What went through my parents funeral?

How do I go to work today?

How will I get a job tomorrow?

What happens to my paycheck?

How much do I make?

What are my friends’ incomes?

What kinds of people do I meet on the internet, and what kind of people are they?

Who are my enemies?

Where do I live?

What type of food do I eat?

How is my body feeling?

When do I get back home?

What happened to my phone?

How can I get rid of it?

What will I look like in a month?

What am I going to do with my life?

Where are my family members?

What color are my eyes?

Who will my parents marry?

Who am I supposed to marry?

How does a time traveler survive an apocalypse?

Where am I on Earth right now?

Where does my car stop?

Where’s my money?

How should I get married?

Where should I stay?

What if I die?

What about my parents and grandparents?

What were my last names?

What colors are my parents’?

How many words should my parents say?

How good a doctor should I be?

How are my hands?

How well am I reading?

How smart am I and what is my IQ?

How big a heart is a heart?

What the heck is a time bomb?

How tall is a mountain?

What other people are around?

Who is the smartest person on Earth and what does that mean?

How hard is it to go through the death of a parent?

What causes Alzheimer’s disease?

What diseases are related to Alzheimer’s?

What medical procedures are safe and effective?

What foods are safe for people with Alzheimer’s Disease?

What medications are safe to use?

What drugs do you need to take to treat Alzheimer’s in older adults?

How often should I change my diet?

What types of people should I avoid for health reasons?

How soon should I stop using my cell phone?

What should I wear to bed at night?

What age should I go for a medical test?

What makes a person a person?

Who should I marry?

What could I do if I got married to a woman?

What sex should a woman be?

What birth date should a girl have?

What size is a penis?

What determines whether a man or a woman is pregnant?

What you should wear for your wedding day.

How should you get rid.

What if you die?

When is the next date for my wedding? What

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