The NFL’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the new generation of players and the increasing popularity of stadiums.

As fans of the teams on the field get older and get to know them, the fans are going to become more attached to the teams they love.

Below is a list of the 10 NFL teams that have the biggest fan bases and are considered the most popular in the league.1.

Atlanta Falcons (6 million)The Atlanta Falcons are one of the most iconic teams in the NFL.

The team has been around since the 1970s and has won a Super Bowl three times.

The Falcons are currently the third oldest team in the NFC, but they’re still one of just two teams to have a winning record in every season since they moved to Atlanta in 1979.

Fans of the team also support the team by purchasing their merchandise.2.

New York Giants (5 million)If you’ve never been to New York, you should definitely check it out.

The Giants are a franchise that has always had a loyal fan base.

They’ve been around for over 100 years and the team is owned by a private company, the Nassau Coliseum Authority.

They have the largest fan base in the National Football League and are the only team in baseball to have three Super Bowl championships.3.

Denver Broncos (4 million)In addition to being the oldest NFL franchise, the Broncos are also one of only two franchises in the current era that have won two Super Bowls.

The Broncos are the youngest franchise in the Super Bowl era.

They currently have a 2-3 record and the franchise has never been a favorite to win a Super Big Game.4.

San Diego Chargers (3 million)San Diego is a huge market with a strong fan base that’s always ready to support the franchise.

They’re the oldest franchise in NFL history and have won three Superbowls.

Their home field is the Qualcomm Stadium, and their stadium has a capacity of 65,000.

They are currently third in the AFC West with a winning percentage of .571.5.

Miami Dolphins (2.5 million)-Miami has been a hotbed of sports fandom since the 1950s.

They started playing in the AFL in 1953 and won three national championships during that time.

They won a championship in 1971 and they also had an All-Star team in 1979 that won four national championships.

The Miami Dolphins have also had two Superbowl victories.6.

New England Patriots (2 million)As one of two franchises that have a perfect record in the last six seasons, the New England is the only franchise in football that has won four Super Bowl titles.

The franchise is owned and operated by the Kraft family.

They also own the New York Jets.

They beat the Green Bay Packers in the 2012 Super Bowl, but lost in overtime in the playoffs.7.

Kansas City Chiefs (1.5 Million)The Chiefs are a perennial playoff contender and are one the biggest sports franchises in America.

The Chiefs have won five consecutive AFC West titles and the last four Superbowl championships.

They play in the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.8.

Oakland Raiders (1 million)Oakland is one of three NFL franchises that is currently owned and managed by the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders have won four straight AFC West championships and the Superbowl.

The stadium is the Alameda Coliseum in Oakland, California.

The Oakland Raiders have the second-most fans in the American sports landscape.

They were the top-ranked team in ESPN’s Power Index for the first time in 2017.9.

Buffalo Bills (1 Million)With a winning formula that relies on the team’s success, the Buffalo Bills have won nine consecutive AFC East titles and have a history of being a fan favorite.

The Bills have been around the league since 1964 and have had a winning streak of nine games or more since 1978.10.

New Orleans Saints (1,500,000)With the team in their final season in New Orleans, the Saints have a chance to finish atop the AFC South.

The Saints have won 10 consecutive Super Bowl seasons.11.

Tennessee Titans (1 percent)Tennessee is one the oldest franchises in NFL.

It’s been around longer than any other franchise, dating back to 1875.

The Titans have been on the road for the last 30 years and won their last Super Bowl in 2001.

The only franchise that is undefeated during that stretch is the Chicago Bears.12.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1%)The Tampa Bay Bucs are one for the top five franchises in baseball.

The Bucs have been in the major leagues since the 1954 season and have made four World Series appearances.

They don’t have a lot of fan support, but fans do love the team.

The Buccaneers have a strong tradition of winning big games, and the Tampa Bay has a winning history of winning multiple Super Bowl.13.

Green Bay Badgers (0.5 percent)Green Bay is a fan-favorite.

They played in the old stadium, and Green Bay is

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