Telstra has announced that internet services will be unavailable across its network after it reported a “high risk” of a cyber attack on Monday.

The telco said it was “working to restore internet service to customers in time for Christmas”, and that it had “enhanced our cyber-security” measures.

Telstra said it had been “forced to take action” because “there was a high risk” the “cyber attack would result in disruption of the Telstra network”.

It said that in the event of a “catastrophe” the outage would be “a catastrophic event”.

In a statement, Telstol said: “We are working to restore our internet services to our customers in the coming days.”

This is a high-risk event and the risk to Telstra’s network is high.

“We are committed to the safety and security of our customers and their data.

Our goal is to restore as much of our network as possible within the next 24 hours.”

The telcoms chief executive, Mike Quigley, said Telstra was “actively working” with government, telecommunications and business organisations to provide the service.

Mr Quigleys statement said that it would be an “incredible feat” to restore the services, which he said had been down for “more than a week”.

“The ability to communicate with our customers has been affected, but we are working with government and industry to provide a solution,” Mr Quigly said.

“In the event that a cyber-attack were to occur, it would not disrupt the network.”

Mr QuIGley said that Telstra “wouldn’t want to lose our customers”.’

No way we’d be out’Mr Quigs statement came after a spate of cyber attacks against the telcos network, which included the “cataclysmic” hacking of a computer systems that was “immediately and publicly disclosed” by Mr Quigs security team.

It was also revealed that Telster had been forced to suspend its data plans, after a cyber threat was made against its network, as well as a number of other breaches.

Mr Qigley’s team has already been told that the “high-risk” threat posed by the Telstops network was not a serious threat, despite the fact that it involved a “highly sophisticated” malware that had been linked to a “state-sponsored actor”.

Telstra is also facing questions about the extent of the threat it faces from other internet service providers.

On Monday, the internet service provider said that the hack was “the first in a series of attacks that have targeted Telstra in recent months”.

The telcos chief executive said that while the attack had affected Telstra and other internet services, it was not yet clear how widespread it was.

“Our customers and businesses are safe and our networks are secure,” Mr Qigleys chief executive officer, Stephen Quigton, said.

“However, our response to these threats is complex and takes time.

It includes identifying the malicious actor and mitigating its impact on our network.”

For many of our business customers and customers of other providers, we also need to determine how best to respond.

This includes ensuring that our networks remain secure and resilient to the cyber-attacks that we have seen.

“Telstra remains confident that our network is resilient to a cyberattack.

We are continually working to improve our network defences.”

The internet service operator said it could provide a response “within the next 72 hours”.

“We expect the response to be in a timeframe that reflects what is happening and we have already implemented a series in the Telco network to mitigate these threats,” Mr Quinn said.’

We’ve had a good week’Mr Quinn said the Telcos team was “very positive” about the response and said the “resilience of the telstra network is now in place”.

“As we’ve been talking to industry, our Telstra team has been very positive about the progress that has been made over the past week, and the resilience of the network is in place,” he said.

In his statement, Mr Quiggley said Telstoles network had been strengthened to help ensure “our customers and business are safe” and “our networks are safe”.

“Our aim is to ensure that our customers are protected and our network remains resilient to any disruption,” Mr Queith said.

Mr Queith has also warned that Telstos network could be down for up to “a week” if the threats continue.

“The Telstra family is working to ensure all Telstra services and services that are used by the community, including internet, are secure and that Telstaners data are protected,” Mr Quin said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police said it would “investigate this matter and provide information to the relevant authorities in line with the relevant law”.

“It is important to stress that this was not

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