Comcast is cutting its rates by 20 percent to compete against Charter and Frontier internet.

The cuts were announced today by the cable company’s Chief Executive Brian Roberts.

The moves come as Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, and Frontier Communications, which offers high-speed internet services in Kansas City, Kansas, have faced competition from Charter and FiOS Internet in New York City.

The company has also cut prices by 25 percent for customers with high-definition television and 25 percent on its own streaming video service.

The Comcast-Fidelity Communications merger has also faced a price battle with DirecTV Now.

Frontier and Comcast’s agreement gives them a combined 30 percent of all new customers.

Comcast said it was cutting prices for new subscribers who sign up for the new services within 30 days of signing up, and for current customers within six months.

Comcast also said it would also provide a discount on some TV and Internet services to customers who sign on before June 30.

Charter announced last month that it would cut its rates to compete with Frontier.

Frontier also said today it was reducing its rates for its own services and offering a new TV service to existing customers who do not sign up within the next six months, according to the New York Times.

“The price reduction will help Comcast and Charter offer competitive services to consumers,” Roberts said in a statement.

Frontier, Comcast and Frontier were not available for comment.

Charter said its new internet service would offer a more streamlined and more affordable user experience than Comcast’s and Frontier’s offerings.

Frontier said its plan to provide a new video service to current customers would start in June.

Comcast has also made some moves to improve its internet performance.

Comcast recently said it will provide better network speeds for customers.

Frontier is also expanding its internet service to customers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

The Frontier internet service will offer customers in those markets faster speeds and a “few more” customers, Frontier said.

Comcast is also offering its own internet service.

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