Google and the US government have announced a new plan to crack down on the “Internet of Things,” a network of sensors that are connected to the Internet to help keep track of everything from food to household appliances.

The internet will be monitored by these sensors, and when they get a signal from a device they will be able to automatically transmit it to the authorities.

Google and Microsoft are currently working on similar plans, with Microsoft also announcing that they are collaborating with Google on a new system to monitor these devices. 

Google’s new internet test tool will also help the US Department of Homeland Security identify suspicious internet activity in its data base. 

“If the Department of Defense or DHS determines that a foreign country is using a particular device to transmit malware, that device may be a threat to the United States, our nation, and our interests,” Google’s Director of Global Security and Privacy, Mark Rose, said in a statement. 

The new test tool is not a new idea.

Google, Microsoft, and the Department have been working together for years on a similar test tool, called the internet test network.

 In the past, the US Government has been able to get a hold of internet test results using “a unique device identifier” that was shared with other governments. 

However, this is not the first time Google and the government have collaborated on an internet test.

“The Department of Justice’s internet test network is part of a broader effort to ensure the integrity of the US internet,” the Department said in an advisory on the internet test network.

“This network of Internet of Things testing devices is designed to allow the Department of Homeland Security to identify and protect the US from potential cyber threats to the Nation’s critical infrastructure and to identify threats that may be posed by Internet of Things devices.”

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