Netflix wants to take your cable and internet bill and make it the same as a TV.

That’s according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who’s now calling on Netflix to be more like Amazon Prime.

In a new blog post, Hastings wrote that Netflix has always been the only provider of “quality, affordable entertainment” for consumers, but that Netflix will start offering DVRs for subscribers that pay for them.

That means Netflix will have to get its DVR prices down for the sake of the average customer.

Hastings noted that Netflix is already offering $5-a-month TV service with the DVR.

But, he said, Netflix is “proud of our commitment to quality entertainment and will now be delivering the same price to our customers.”

Netflix will still be able to offer its DTV service for a monthly fee.

Hastings said that the price would be the same whether or not Netflix were to offer a DTV as a subscription.

He also noted that he expects Netflix’s DVR price will drop significantly as the number of subscribers to the service increases.

Netflix is still offering free TV, movies, music, sports, and news, and has already begun rolling out the DTV app on iOS and Android devices.

Netflix also said it would offer streaming of original content from some of its content partners, including HBO and Showtime.

The company also plans to launch its own standalone video service, but it hasn’t announced a date for that yet.

In an earlier post, Netflix CEO Hastings said the company wants to be “a company that you can get to and from anywhere,” and that it will now offer the same pricing and quality of service as a cable or satellite provider.

Netflix said in the blog post that it plans to begin offering DTVs in April for its subscribers and that the company plans to introduce a “premium tier” to its service to make it more competitive with the TV and video services offered by cable and satellite providers.

Netflix will also begin offering its own DVR service later this year for those who want to get their content into the home quickly.

Netflix has also been ramping up its efforts to sell DVR access, which Hastings noted will help it attract more customers to its services.

Hastings also wrote that he was “excited to announce a new $25-per-month plan for the first time” that will allow customers to watch and record TV, as well as watch and stream movies and other video content, for free.

Netflix recently announced that it would be making a video game-style app for iOS and Windows Phone.

The new video game will be called “DVR” and it will allow users to stream and record live TV.

Netflix plans to sell the app to its existing subscribers for $8.99 a month.

Hastings’ comments about cable internet comes after Comcast announced a $60 million investment in DirecTV to buy the cable provider’s satellite service and the other broadband services that it sells.

Comcast has been the main cable provider in the U.S. since 2002, and it now serves about 9.5 million customers, including the more than 700,000 Netflix subscribers.

Comcast’s $60-billion purchase of DirecTv and Time Warner Cable, which is owned by Time Warner, was completed last month, after Comcast was forced to merge its TV and broadband business in 2016.

Comcast will also acquire Tribune Media, which has more than 50 million subscribers and is the second-largest cable company in the country.

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