Comcast and AT&T announced Tuesday that they are joining forces to offer gigabit speeds and unlimited data to a number of US Internet customers.

The announcement comes as the two companies prepare to launch gigabit broadband in the US, and is an indication of the industry’s commitment to bringing gigabit services to the country.

The companies also announced that they will begin selling plans for consumers to buy at full retail price for up to $100 a month.

The plans will come in the form of bundles of a fixed monthly price of $150, a 30-day free trial period, and a $300 credit toward a future purchase. 

For the first time, both Comcast and the two other major ISPs are offering gigabit service, albeit at a lower price.

The two ISPs have both been working on the plans for months, with the goal of bringing gigabits to the US by 2021.

Comcast and its rival Time Warner Cable, which have been working together for years, have been testing gigabit speed since the start of the year, and have been using both Gigabit Express and Gigabit Broadband plans to test the viability of their offerings.

Comcast, however, is offering the plans at a much higher price, which will make it much more difficult for consumers and businesses to get a good deal.

Comcast has said that the plans will not offer unlimited data, though it does have a gigabit fiber network available to customers in many parts of the country, including Washington, D.C. Comcast is also using a new marketing campaign to lure customers into buying its Gigabit Plans.

The campaign is designed to highlight the benefits of using a gigabit broadband service, including free data and a 30 day trial period. 

“Comcast and ATI are committed to bringing high-speed Internet to millions of Americans, and we’re proud to offer the Gigabit Internet Plans, which are designed to give consumers the best bang for their broadband buck,” said Comcast President Jim Cicconi.

“Together, these two companies have the technology to deliver faster speeds, faster service, and lower costs for customers across the country.” 

For AT&I, the announcement is a step in the right direction.

“We believe that a broadband that is fast, affordable, and competitive is a critical component of the future of the internet,” said Kevin Turner, AT&A vice president of public affairs.

“Today, we are announcing that Comcast and Time Warner will begin offering gigabets of high-performance broadband, which should help provide more choice for consumers, businesses, and the government.” 

In addition to the Gigabits Plans, AT &T has also announced plans for its Next Broadband plan that will give consumers a $10 credit towards the purchase of a gigabyte of data.

AT&S says that this credit will be valid until the end of 2021.

AT &amt will offer an additional $10 monthly credit toward future service purchases. 

The US has been slow to embrace gigabit Internet, as it has been hampered by a lack of competition and the fact that it does not have a robust broadband network.

In addition to gigabit plans, the US is also seeing other options for consumers: AT&t is offering customers a $20 credit for the first year they have the next-generation AT&TSD-V100 internet connection, and Verizon is launching gigabit high-bandwidth service for $70 a month for two years.

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