The Associated Press has learned that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on Tuesday to end the Federal Communications Management Agency’s authority to regulate broadband providers.

The FCC vote was 5-4.

The agency’s vote came after a series of meetings that ended in a compromise that allowed the FCC to take action on two key areas of the Internet’s future, including the deployment of broadband networks in rural areas.

In a statement, Chairman Ajit Pai said the FCC will continue to review the FCC’s recent actions on broadband.

“We believe that there are important questions about the future of the FCC that are important for the public to be informed about and will be answered in a manner that ensures the public has access to the information they need to make informed choices about the Internet,” Pai said.

Ajit Pai: Internet should be for everyone, not just the wealthy, but also for everyone in America, and we need broadband infrastructure to provide the best of the best.

AP, Getty Images “The Internet is now being used to deliver the information we need to build the economy of tomorrow.

That’s why we must ensure that the Commission has the resources to invest in broadband infrastructure and ensure that it works in a way that meets the needs of today’s economy.”

While the vote does not affect current or future net neutrality rules, it means the FCC must continue to work on them.

Pai said in the statement that the agency will continue working with Congress to address the issue of net neutrality and make sure it is upheld.

After the vote, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tweeted that the FCC is a “great example of the power of democracy.”

The FCC vote marks the first time the FCC has ever reversed an FCC decision on a net neutrality issue.

Pai had previously proposed a plan that would have gutted the FCC net neutrality rule, while also prohibiting broadband providers from blocking, throttling or discriminating against lawful content.

The FCC has been grappling with net neutrality issues for years.

Pai announced his intention to roll back the net neutrality protections in 2015, and in December the FCC voted 6-3 to allow Internet providers to charge for faster speeds for some Internet traffic.

Pai’s proposal, which he had opposed, was later blocked by the courts.

Internet service providers and their customers have long been a key target of the agency, and the FCC ruled in October that they are subject to the Federal Communication Commission’s jurisdiction.

The agency’s decision to end that authority will allow the FCC more leeway to regulate the industry in ways that protect the public interest and prevent discrimination.

While a majority of Internet users now have broadband connections, some say the problem is not going away.

For many people, broadband is just the next step in their life, but for those in rural and underserved areas, the pace of change is slow, said David J. Pogue, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, which represents electric cooperatives in some rural areas across the U, including Kansas.

Pogue said the pace has slowed since the FCC announced its net neutrality plan in 2015.

“When we’re not seeing progress, it’s because people are not getting broadband,” he said.

“The pace is going slow.”

Polls show Americans are divided over whether or not they would be willing to pay for better broadband.

A Pew Research Center poll released last month showed that 56 percent of respondents said they would prefer the federal government to pay ISPs to speed up or speed down their services.

The same poll showed that 47 percent of people said they don’t want broadband providers to discriminate against their customers, a measure that could lead to higher prices.

Other Internet providers have criticized the FCC for slowing down the deployment and deployment of new broadband services. 

For years, a combination of government regulation and the private sector has helped ensure that Americans have access to high-speed Internet.

However, that’s about to change, according to the Internet Association, a coalition of more than 70 organizations that represent Internet providers and others interested in the future.

At the same time, the Internet industry and its members say the Federal Trade Commission, the agency that oversees the Internet, is underperforming.

In a statement Tuesday, the group said the FTC’s enforcement actions are slow, costly and ineffective.

FTC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in a statement on Tuesday, said the agency has already taken significant steps to support innovation and competition in the broadband market, and will continue its work to ensure that broadband remains a high-quality service for Americans and our economy.

Wheeler said the new FTC guidelines “will help us ensure that every American has access and a great experience to access the Internet at a reasonable price, and they will also help ensure that consumers and businesses can access the high-tech content and services that they value and need.”

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal would have eliminated the FCC authority to ban broadband providers and other Internet providers from charging

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