An internet addiction can be caused by the following factors: Your internet connection is unreliable or intermittent.

You don’t have an internet service provider who can help you find the best way to use the internet.

You are using a computer to access the internet or browsing the internet on a mobile device.

You’re using the internet to browse for entertainment or to watch videos on the internet while in a place where it’s not accessible.

You use the Internet to interact with other people online.

You want to use your computer or mobile device for other things, but it’s difficult to connect to the internet from home.

You can’t connect to a local area network, such as a cable or wireless network.

You also may not be able to access a certain amount of internet data at any given time because you are experiencing an internet connection issue.

Internet Addiction: What You Need to Know article Are you experiencing an Internet addiction?

If you’re experiencing an online addiction, you may be experiencing a problem related to the following: Your current internet connection speed is not reliable.

The quality of the data you are receiving from the internet is not consistent.

Your internet service is not providing enough bandwidth.

Your data connection can be intermittent or unreliable.

Your online activity or online chat is not safe.

Your usage is limited to one or a few hours a week.

If you experience a high degree of internet addiction symptoms, you should seek treatment and help to resolve the internet addiction.

You may be eligible for free Internet Addiction Treatment and support services.

You might also be eligible to receive a free Internet addiction treatment referral from a local mental health provider.

You’ll need to register with the National Internet Addiction Helpline (NIAH), which is part of the National Provider Finder Network.

You should also complete an online consultation to determine if you are eligible for treatment and services.

If the National Service Provider Finder is not available, you’ll need an appointment with a local provider to be able learn more about services.

Call the National Network of Community Mental Health Clinics (NNCMH) at 1-800-821-5357 or visit the NNCMH website.

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