Microsoft is releasing a new internet browser for Xbox 360s and PS3s today, as well as a new game console, that’s designed to make online gaming easier for gamers.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get a new browser called Internet Explorer 11, which will support the latest standards for online services.

It’ll be available in the Xbox Marketplace and on the Xbox Store starting on May 4.

The browser will also support new games and apps.

It will allow players to browse the web, check news and weather, search for information on celebrities, play games, and more.

Microsoft is also introducing a new app called XBOX LIVE Arcade that will allow gamers to play games on the internet.

This browser will be available for Xbox One players, but Microsoft isn’t saying what games they’ll play.

This new browser is designed to give Xbox owners more control over the internet, allowing them to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s games and services.

The Xbox One will also get the new app XBOX ONE WORLD, which Microsoft says will allow Xbox owners to enjoy games from the world’s biggest online video games and entertainment services.

It’s an effort to make the Xbox 360 more accessible for people who don’t have access to a home broadband connection, as the device has long been one of the most popular consoles.

The new browser will come with the Microsoft Edge browser and will support other standards like HTML5 and CSS3, Microsoft says.

Microsoft’s Edge browser will support Internet Explorer11 and will have an Xbox app for users to check out the latest games and content.

Microsoft Edge is the company’s first browser that uses HTML5, the new standard for web technology, and it will be released in May.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is also slated to get a browser in May, along with the browser for the upcoming PlayStation 4.

The company said this browser will work with any web browser and can be used to visit any web site or app on any device.

It will also be available as an add-on for the Xbox game console in April, and will be the first browser for consoles with built-in game streaming functionality.

The browser will run on the current Xbox 360 console and will come preinstalled on the new console.

Microsoft has not released any details about the price of this browser, but you can find a list of prices at the Xbox Games Store.

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